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Jaejoong is too hot for comfort


Is there a reason for Jaejoong to be so good-looking?? Like…IT’S NOT FAIR. Ughh. I’m watching Protect The Boss and like he’s just there being stupidly handsome self and I’m just like UGH. So then I went back and watched Just Another Girl MV and like…HE NEEDS TO STOP. How is it physically possible for 2 people to give birth to such a beautiful human being? HOW? TELL ME. THE MAN SCREAMS SEX.

Okay…rant over…for now…image


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Jaejoong's new cafe- Cafe J Holic 12.21.13


So the grand opening was last Friday. I live too far to even bother to go after work and such. So I already made plans to go Saturday since I’m ALWAYS in Myeongdong anyways. Got there a bit early, was waiting on Keri and was like, alright let’s find this cafe. Yeah walked basically all around it…

Little review about JHolic by muggle ^^

Anonymous asked:
wait whats going on with jaejoong and his fans??


orangekiava asked you:

Hello~ I’m sorry to ask you a kpop related question when you’re in a Dr.Who mode, but the last photo of Jaejoong you reblogged confused me. More like, what you said in your tags… Did something happen during his last live performance? :/ Thank you for your time in advance! ^^ PS. I love your blog. Also, I live in Cardiff where most of Dr.Who is filmed~ I saw the Doctor today and he told me to say hi and wish you a lovely evening! ;p

Anonymous asked you:

i read the tags on your jae edit what happened??

Opening a fucking can of worms is what. Everyone is getting the same information from the same compilations of tweets, so idgaf if people think I’m blowing this out of proportion.

So we know that Jae adores his fanboys, right? Like whenever he sees them in the audience he’ll make it a point to acknowledge them and give them a shout out and interact and try to hook some of them up is2g I’ve read/watched at least 3 accounts of him playing matchmaker and whatnot. Fanboys are a rare breed cos the number of fangirls is overwhelming but he makes the time to point out how much he appreciates them.

Now last night as his Taipei concert, there was apparently a large percentage of them, approximately 1/5 of the audience were male. That’s not to say he doesn’t appreciate all of his fans in general, cos I’ve written up a whole thing about that before too, but he’s a dude, he wants to point out his fellow dudes sometimes, you know? But it’s gotten to the point where he essentially has to say the equivalent of no homo, which is ridiculous but in the position he’s in he has to constantly clear the air about his sexuality even when it’s not in question.

Then he said, “I love you. I am not gay.” [Via @ShadowJaeJes]
JJ: I like male fans but still I cannot love you Lol he stressed on that many times tonight !!! [Via @kaloocapri]
Jae emphasized a lot of times to male fans, “There are so many male fans.. But I still can’t love you.” LOL [Via @ShadowJaeJes]

Homophobia is a pretty consistant thing in Korea, but he’s already established that his position is pro-love rather than pro-marriage. My problem does not stem from the fact that he has to defend himself but from the level of sheer arrogance from ~fans. When you respect a person, you don’t disregard what they say to match your ideals of them.

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Jaejoong @ 2014 IAG Roadshow in Vietnam Press Conference (JYJFamilyVN)

Babie looked straight at the camera xD

More press con pics HERE

Jaejoong @ 2014 IAG Roadshow in Vietnam (JYJFamilyVN)

Soulmate @ 2014 IAG Roadshow in Vietnam (JYJFamilyVN)

Look at JJ’s smile xD

김재중 (Kim Jaejoong) Just Another Girl M/V teaser

Keep repeating!

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